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Voice announcement with mp3 player

We provide lifts that can speak and entertain you as well as help those who are blind. Normally in lifts, inside the car there are indications UP or Down as well as floor position. But our lifts also speak. You can just enter the car, give the required call and just close your eyes and listen to music while lift moves and just before reaching the floor, the announcement of that floor will alert you to open your eyes and you will find landing on your floor. Easy to travel without watching any indications. Just stand still. Music is produced only when the lift is moving. Obviously, travel in lifts with Floor Annunciator technology is a sophisticated one.

*Play mode selections:
 -      Player Mode
 -      Trigger Modes:
 -      Direct Single Mode
 -      8+1bit(X8)/9bit Binary Mode
 -     ASCII UART mode


 Salient Features
• It is easy to install and can install in any type of Elevators.
• Controlled by software with advanced Micro controller.
• It can inter cut any other languages and particular needs based on customers' request
• Consists of High fidelity amplifier for sound quality. Sample Rate can reach to up to 44.1 KHz
• Can be installed in the elevator control box, cars or hall.
• Unlimited bus line voice information




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